Landscape Painting, Still Life Painting, Drawing and Monoprints

I have three main areas of practice: painting, monoprinting, and charcoal drawing.

I normally paint in oils on canvas, card or wood, and on both small and larger scale pieces.

The works are a series of direct responses to things around me, and fall into two distinct subject areas, Still Life and Landscape. Expressive, painterly surfaces and warm-hued colour combinations are common to both genres.

I have developed a personal method of monoprinting , using collage and reprinting, to obtain density of image on a large scale.

Drawing has always played a central role in my practice, and whilst charcoal is the usual medium, I may also use pencil, pen and ink.

My Still Life pieces are, by their nature closer-focussed, and utilising familiar objects, inherited or acquired, I observe their form and light to capture a sense of time, place, and character.

My Landscapes are necessarily broader in their spatial and atmospheric concerns. I am a regular walker and the examples on this website represent a cross-section of recordings made of particular locations I know well. In order to capture the vitality and immediacy of place I work in-situ, experiencing at first hand the seasons, the changing weather, skies and the light.

I exhibit frequently, both nationally and internationally, and my works are in both public and private collections in the UK and abroad.